How To Lose Calf Fat   6 Exercises Lose Calf Fat

Have you been hiding the curves of your legs in baggy sweatpants lately?  Here is what you can learn easy exercises How To Lose Calf Fat.To wear short-shorts or a skirt with fat calves making you uncomfortable stand out in a crowd.

You have    6 exercises lose calf fat will make your calves look skinnier. The reason you have fat calves may depend on your body fat and how to tone your legs are or you have naturally large calves. If you are unable to slim your calves down, you can stop them getting bigger by avoiding certain exercises.

Luckily enough there are better ways to handle this sort of attention-grabbing situation shifting focus to the fact that you may have fat calves than hiding the curves of your legs in baggy sweatpants. Below are the    6 exercises tell you How To Lose Calf Fat.

How To Lose Calf Fat At Home

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    6 Exercises Lose Calf Fat


  • Stretching makes big muscles appear longer and leaner.
  • Stand with your front foot approximately one foot from a wall and your back foot about three feet from a wall.
  • Your back leg should be straight, the front leg bent and your hands resting against the wall, while you lean forward.
  • Your feet should be pointing straight ahead and your heels on the ground.
  • Hold for 15 – 30 seconds, switch legs and repeat.

   2. Calf raises

  • Bend knees slightly to prevent your knees from locking up.
  • Keep your arms in front of your body slightly bending at the elbows.
  • It is a bodyweight exercise. That means no weight.
  • Note that using weight may increase the size of your calf muscles. Do 3 sets of 10.

   3. Seated calf raises

  • Sit on a low chair or steps you can use to adjust the height of the surface you will be sitting on.
  • Place between 5-10 pounds of dead weight on your legs, maintaining the sitting position.
  • From here you are going to do calf raises, lifting the weight you have resting on your legs.
  • Doing seated calf raises lowers the intensity of your calf work.

   4. Stand on the edge of a stair step

  • Make sure the step is not very far up and close to the ground.
  • Engage your core by pulling in your upper ribs and belly.
  • Make sure that the balls of your feet are solidly planted on the edge of the step. Your heels should be over the edge.
  • Lift your heels until you’re standing on your tippy toes.
  • Stay on tippy toes for 4 sec.

   5. Dumbbell Calf Raises

  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Get two dumbbells of the same weight, and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart.
  • Let your arms hang along the sides of your body. Make sure that your arms are below your shoulders, and keep a firm grip on the dumbbells.
  • Shift your weight onto the balls of your feet while keeping your legs straight.
  • Continue to keep your arms alongside your body.

   6. Ankle circles move

  • Sit on a chair, with your back straight and firmly against the back of the chair.
  • Slowly circle your left foot clockwise. Do this six times.
  • Then repeat counter-clockwise six times. Repeat the exercise with the right foot.

How To Lose Calf Fat   6 Easy Exercises Lose Calf Fat

How To Lose Calf Fat - 6 easy Exercises Lose Calf Fat at home
How To Lose Calf Fat – 6 easy Exercises Lose Calf Fat at home
  • Conclusion

The calf muscles are located on the backs of the lower legs. When they are large and toned, they can make your lower legs look large and bulky.You have to be patient, because it may be the last place that the fat shifts from your body, when you do get slim legs and slim thighs the rest of your body will hopefully be looking great.

Hence, these exercises will help strengthen and tone calf muscles and may help improve flexibility. Now you know How To Lose Calf Fat with best    6 Ways To Lose Calf Fat. Share all ways of burn calories at home with your friends and family.


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